London Diamond Gallery

Home to the world’s finest gemstones, master craftsmen and jewelry experts, London Diamond Gallery is one of the most established jewelry houses in the world.

With an international presence that spans across England, Japan, Hong Kong and South-East Asia we are renowned not only for your exclusive and exquisite jewellery pieces but also for providing the highest level of service and products to a diverse and discerning clientele.

We are one of the handful of companies in the world to have access to diamond rough from ethical and legitimately operated mines. This means that all diamonds from the London Diamond Gallery are assured to be conflict-free.

Our gemstones are carefully selected at the source with unique partnerships with the best mines around the world and hand-polished with the most meticulous attention to detail to ensure and maintain the highest quality.
All of our collections are produced in very limited quantities and more often than not each piece is limited to a quantity of one, making it a truly exclusive work of art.
Our exquisite jewelry pieces are hand designed by our international design team and individually hand crafted by our master craftsmen.