Corporate Social responsibility

London Diamond Gallery takes the roles of corporate social responsibility seriously and believes in leading by example.
That is why we have set up London Diamond Gallery’s BEST PRACTICE PROTOCOL program.

This program comprises of a management system and a set of assessment tools, a key element of which is Self-Assessment using the BPP Workbook. It has been developed to provide evidence to supply chain partners, consumers and other interested stakeholders that the exploration, extraction, sorting, cutting and polishing of diamonds, and the manufacture and sale of diamond jewelry by London Diamond Gallery are undertaken in a professional, ethical and environmentally friendly and accountable way.

The Best Practice Protocol sets out various required standards of conduct with regards to three main areas:

• Business Responsibilities ensure that all operations act responsibly and ethically and in compliance with the law – for example in sales transactions, supply chain management, sourcing of diamonds, interaction with the local community and other stakeholders and overall business relationships. This applies to the practices of every employee at every level.

• Social Responsibilities ensure that business is conducted beyond economic profit and towards generating real social value in the communities in which we operate.

• Environmental Responsibilities ensure all operations adopt the highest standards required by law with regard to their impact on the environment.