Our Policy

Every diamond that London Diamond Gallery produces is conflict-free.
London Diamond Gallery is aware of the problem of conflict diamonds and has taken measures to guarantee that no conflict diamonds enter its supply chain or its jewelry.

We believe the injury and hardship suffered by any local population when conflicts arise in diamond producing areas is unacceptable. We believe that seeking to profit from conflicts in diamond producing areas is also unacceptable and we are committed to taking action to address concerns arising out of the misuse of rough diamonds.

The System of Warranties was developed by the World Diamond Council (WDC) representing the entire spectrum of the industry from mining houses to retail jewellers. Its principal element is the requirement for a declaration on the invoice accompanying every transaction of rough diamonds, polished diamonds and diamond jewellery that declares that the diamonds are ‘not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions’. These warranties and declarations are subject to audit and oversight by the relevant national authorities.

Under the provisions of the Kimberley Process, mandated by the United Nations, endorsed by the Security Council and enshrined in the national law of all participating countries, London Diamond Gallery and all other members of the industry, is obliged to trade only with sellers that use the System of Warranties.