The Quest of a Diamond Artisan…
An obsession for Perfection

The royal excellent cut diamond patented worldwide is exclusive to London Diamond Gallery with a dazzling 77 facets more than the traditional 58 cut is the only diamond in the world to display eight symmetrical hearts symbolizing everlasting love and a southern cross encapsulating good luck and fortune.

The royal excellent cut displays the signature displays of the perfect solitaire with more facets than a traditional diamond have scientifically proven to give more fire and brilliance intensity clearly visible in a laser fire gauge.

John Garni one of the few master cutters who has the honor to cut gems stones for the British royal family developed exclusively for London Diamond Gallery the royal excellent cut. With over 60 years of diamond cutting experience he is the only one of two master cutters ensured to hand cut our brilliant stones thus ensuring exclusivity unparallel by any other diamond house.