Bespoke Designs

London Diamond Gallery believes that a brand should represent the physical embodiment of the unique life style choices that people make.

That is why we are truly at our happiest when we can include the client’s unique individual needs, wishes and characters through the design and manufacturing process.

From the concept to final product our top jewelry designers and artisans are here to satisfy the most concerning customers to help exceed customer’s requirements and desires to create a unique design experience.

As no gemstones are identical, each with its own individual history, we believe that every purchase has its own unique meaning and story. That is why every custom designed piece will go into our portfolio of custom designs and London Diamond Gallery promises never to recreate the same piece again.

We pride ourselves in providing the unique jewelry experience and you will have the confidence in knowing that you are in ownership of a one of a kind master creation, which have been dreamt by you but crafted and created by us.